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Hi, this is me Adil. I’ve been in internet space for some time now but I never thought of myself as an internet marketer. But it all changed a couple of years ago. It started with some simple searches on web learning how to monetize what I was learning at that time and I saw there are real opportunities available and the pool is big enough for the budding entrepreneur like myself to carve out space with other Goliaths in this same space.

Well, that was the theory or so I thought….

The belief I had hasn’t changed now but what is changed is my understanding of how things work. What I thought initially is that I can jump in buy multiple products and somehow make things work. The foolery in my thinking was that I just have to grab quick-fix tools put them together and voila I have a decent system that will start churning out money. Well, it doesn’t work like that.
After losing a lot financially and emotionally; I realized there were two things wrong with this approach.
Firstly, Not know why am I doing this? and more importantly, I was being selfish. What I failed to realize I need to be helpful to others first. I need to be the go-giver rather than a go-getter. The monetization is a by-product and not the alpha and omega of internet marketing. Yes, I can make money with my original ideation but it is not sustainable. I was in a race and not a marathon. In order to succeed in this field, you have to be the helping hand to others.

Secondly, you need a mentor and a group of like-minded people who are vested in you and your success. I found a mentor and community of bloggers and internet marketers who are helping me in this journey. Currently, I’m taking a course (I’ll have more to say on that in my blog) where I’m not only learning A-Z of internet marketing but also how to implement the system in a holistic manner.
I’ll be covering more about my progress in the blog.

I’ve dabbled with e-commerce, Amazon, eBay and other platforms in the last couple of years and it taught me a lot of to do things correctly and what not to do. I made my fair share of mistakes and the pain that caused. But I’m taking them as stumbling blocks and not a show stopper. Every time I hit a snag; now I’ve learned to appreciate it, learn from it and persist on.

This is what I hope to convey here for now to my readers. As I move along this path; I want to share my journey with the newcomers so that can learn with/from me and get to success quickly.

To your success,
Adil Hussain

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