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How I came to blogging

I have been in Internet Marketing for about a year. It has been a whirlwind of experience; that I’ll be relating here in coming months. Over the course of taking different classes and program what I would like to point to are these observation that might be useful if you are just starting out.

1) Stick with one thing:
At this stage stick with one thing. That has to single most important thing for you to do at this point. So if you start with a blog; stick with it. (That’s why I’m doing a 90 day challenge).

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2) Do your Research​:
Now it does mean that you need to research if what you chose is the right option for you. For example, if you start with blogging; you need to make sure that course/mentor you have chosen is the right one. Check out if others have had good experience with it. Look for BBB rating to find out if the company is reputable. Look at the forums for proof. Once you have sufficient proof; commit to it for next 90 days.

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3) Measure your Results​:
That brings out another important point; measure, measure, measure. It will be important to look at your numbers to justify your investment. I’ll have more to say on it as I progress on this journey.

So in closing I would say that it’s been a roller-coaster of a journey and one I’m still on and will encourage others to stay on while adhering to 3 points I mentioned in this article.

Venturing in the world of blogging

Day 0: Intro to blogging

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Journey of thousand steps begins with a single step

If you are new as I am; you can follow along me to see how a newbie like me learns his way to blogging.

There will be a bunch of mistakes and hick-ups but I’m determined to right blog a day for the next 90 days. Keep checking back daily for updates and my road to success* (is it pride speaking; No, I like to imagine myself successful till I am successful).

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Imagination is key to the success

I’m not taking this journey alone; I have a bit of help and I’ll be introducing the wonderful team helping me learn the tricks of the trade.

Until next article; this is me Adil Hussain signing off.